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Stroopwafel liqueur 350 ml

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Taste delicious stroopwafel liqueur with coffee or with a shot. Perfect for in between.

Surprisingly delicious in taste.

The stroopwafel liqueur is gluten and lactose free;

Shipping both within the Netherlands and worldwide.*


*Except USA and countries with import restrictions on alcohol.

Other volumes

50 ml

Van Meer's Stroopwafel Liqueur
€ 1,81 

700 ml

Van Meer's Stroopwafel Liqueur
€ 11,16

1 liter (1000 ml)

Van Meer's Stroopwafel Liqueur
€ 15,66

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review van meers liqueur

I ordered a gift set of stroopwafels and liqueur to be sent from the Netherlands to some associates in England with a special note attached. The shipment was fast and easy. Of course, they were very happy with their package! Thanks so much!